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Explore the ultimate in luxury hospitality at the Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020



















1/ Enjoy the race weekend from your ‘throne’

By owning a premium hospitality ticket to the F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand prix you are guaranteeing yourself three full days of luxurious comfort and splendor from where to enjoy the pinnacle of motorsport. Every detail of our VIP hospitality suites has been designed to meet the highest standards and ensure you want for nothing as you sit back, sip champagne and witness the greatest drivers in the world race past you at speeds of up to 335km/h.

For the Gold Lounge Experience, look no further than our plush suites at Turns 7-8, 11 & Turns 12-13.    

Kick back and take in the heart-stopping action from Turns 7-8 as the cars drop rapidly to 2nd Gear to negotiate their way around the sharp corner at T7 and the long left at Turn 8 before they exit Turn 9 into the back straight where speeds will hit a stupendous 335km/h…OR...join your friends and clients in marveling at the driver's handling of the tightest section of the track at the hairpin by Turns 11-12 and another hard braking zone before they race into the stunning new purpose built section of the circuit. The atmosphere in this section will be electric, surrounded as it is by multiple stands packed with feverish supporters urging their favourite drivers forward - and you will be in the best seat of them all!

Located at either end of the 1.5km long back straight, the Gold Lounges offer fans a  sensational view from within a lavishly opulent interior setting.

Alternatively, why not upgrade yourself to the Platinum Suite which offers a world-class hospitality experience like no other. This stunning suite is positioned directly across from the awe-inspiring sight of the 300m long Pit Building - purpose built for the arrival of F1 in Vietnam - whose design has been inspired by Hanoi's famous Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, representing this proud nation's long history and strong cultural heritage. There will be few greater or more iconic sights in F1 from where to watch the drama unfold.        

From here, you can recline in extravagant surroundings and drink in the electrifying atmosphere as the pressure begins to mount on the grid before lights go out. Witness the cars' exhilarating dash into Turn 1 and celebrate the victorious car crossing the finish line at the end of the race as you sip premium champagne - served from the open bar of course - at the Platinum Suite's outdoor balcony viewing platform.             

In addition, your ticket lets you venture out onto the starting grid once the track has been cleared for a once-in-a-life time photo opportunity with the actual F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix winner's trophy before being treated to some wonderful anecdotes by an F1 legend during specially staged Q&A sessions. As high-end experiences go, this one is hard to beat!

The most spectacular offering however has to be the Diamond Suite package.

Beautifully positioned between Turns 2-3, this is a key overtaking section of the track that will see various racing lines open up as the drivers take on this quick succession of turns at speeds of 205km/h around the nearly 360-degree curve. This part of the Hanoi Circuit has been specifically designed to encourage exhilarating side-by-side action with cars battling it out to emerge in front as they surge into the first long straight of the race.                                                                                                                                                                                            

A Diamond Suite Ticket offers the best views imaginable with exclusive access to the Sky-deck as well as its plush out-door viewing balcony. If you prefer to lounge inside the hospitality area during track sessions, then there will be no shortage of TV screens to keep you up to date on all the track action happening outside. As you watch the racing action outside, our team of highly trained service staff will cater to your every need. Throughout the day guests will be provided with delicious snacks that they can wash down at the open bar serving everything from champagne, whiskey, spirits, wine, beer and coffee to a wide range of soft drinks while a daily lunch menu created by world class chefs will help anchor your day perfectly and ensure you are energized throughout the weekend!


3D rendering of Turns 2-3-4 where the Diamond Suites are located


2/ Refresh and Replenish Yourself – VIP style!

A weekend at an F1 race is incredibly exhilarating so it’s vital you don’t forget to refresh and replenish at every stage. Make sure to visit the open bar at our hospitality suites where you can avail of the finest wines, champagnes, spirts, coffees and soft drinks and indulge your taste buds with a variety of high-quality snacks as well as via our gourmet lunch menus delivered by our team of world class chefs.

Each different suite will have its own bar and food menu specific to your needs that will allow you to stay hydrated and energized throughout the weekend.


Sip on the finest champagne while enjoying the race in our luxurious hospitality suites.


3/ Enjoy the View from the Very Top

At the F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand prix, we want you to enjoy every moment of this spectacular weekend from the best vantage points possible. Don’t miss a moment of the action from our special rooftop viewing platforms when you visit one of our exclusive hospitality suites next April.

If the Golden Lounge and Platinum Suites’ balcony views are still not enough to fulfill your needs than the extraordinary vista provided by the Diamond Suite’s stunning rooftop viewing platform will surely provide you with what you need to drink in every bit of F1’s singular atmosphere.

Dedicated transport will be provided to shuttle you from the entrance to the Diamond & Platinum Suites to make your entrance and departure as smooth as possible.


4/ Additional Privileges

For Diamond Suite guests, special privileges also include regular in-suite entertainment performances from live music to mind-blowing magic shows as well as the eye-opening daily Pit Lane Walks that take you right into the sport's very core.

Furthermore, as a guest of the Diamond Suite you will also have the opportunity to pose with the winner’s trophy and convince your friends you somehow managed to end up on the podium!

Your ticket also enables you to access the rest of the Hanoi Circuit’s entertainment activities including the nightly live concerts on the Main Stage as well as the vibrant F1 Fanzone where you can engage with the many different activities and entertainment options on offer.


Lay your hands on the F1 World Drivers’ Championship trophy when visiting the Diamond Suite


Tickets for the Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 are officially on sale NOW with 3 main ticket categories on offer: General Admission (GA), Grandstand and Hospitality. Ticket prices start from 700,000 VND for GA. Each category will come with exclusive benefits. You can choose to buy a ticket for just 1 day or for the whole 3 days of the event. The good news is that owning a ticket is all it takes to enjoy all of the awesome activities taking place across the weekend - both on and off-track!

For more information and details on how to purchase your tickets to the Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, please visit this link.